A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Freckles and Constellations is a point and click game where you play as Freckle, a little girl who is whisked away to a journey among the stars in order to search for her long lost mother. Traverse to different planets and stars to find clues and map pieces that her mother has left her, which will reveal the true meaning of a mother's connection. Paired with the amulet that her mother has left her, solve different environmental puzzles to gain star power in order to fuel the amulet to travel the constellations and beyond.

The game is produced by Aurora Productions. The game was originally conceived as a University Capstone project where it is developed by a team of final year University students from Swinburne University of Technology.



FrecklesAndConstellations-Release-Win64x.zip 55 MB
FrecklesAndConstellations-Release-MacOSX.zip 56 MB
FrecklesAndConstellations-Release-Linux.zip 59 MB
FrecklesAndConstellations-Beta-Win64x.zip 55 MB
FrecklesAndConstellations-Beta-MacOSX.zip 56 MB
FrecklesAndConstellations-Alpha-Win64x.zip 39 MB


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Very quick game, but lovely, and makes you think!

this was really fast but a nice play! the art style i like how its realsitc and kinda 3d but also combines some 8bit. the story is pretty simple but cute, also the puzzles are unique, well done!

Ouch, ten minutes of playing. Nice game btw.

this was a nice little game. very good pixel art and presentation. it's awesome to see a small indie game like this shown off at pax. sad to see aurora productions has gone silent since yall know how to make a good game!

Nice :)

very cute and nice 

This is adorable. I wish it was longer, it's lovely and the voxel visuals work great. :)